Friday, April 21, 2006

Blogger Education

So, of course everyone that has a blog knows all the intricacies of running it right? Right?

Surely not. Like if you don't republish your whole blog when you make changes to the layout, you can, in effect, keep a running history of what your blog looked like. Alas, I have chosen not to do that.

I dived into the concept of web color schemes, and I know that at the very least I have a more unique looking blog than I used to. I'm not so certain that there's anything at ALL impressive about it, but hey, I'm a programmer, not a designer right? My wife happens to be the designer type, but she's still in school, and hasn't really set herself to learning the details of CSS or any technology for that matter.

I figure that some activity on this blessed space is better than none.

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