Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ozarks JUG

So my co-workers (and I) have come up with the desire and motivation to begin a Java User's Group(JUG) in the Springfield, MO area. The primary inspiration for this came during the No Fluff Just Stuff - Gateway Software Symposium in St. Louis this year. The Gateway JUG was the primary sponsor of this event, and that got us (Duane first) to thinking about how we could benefit from such an organization, plus how we could help others in the area.

So, we've come up with the name "JUG of the Ozarks" or JUG-O for short. It seems that we are already gaining momentum by the possibility of having a server co-located at one of the companies here in Springfield (I'll reveal the details if this becomes official). They've expressed interest in sponsoring us, and this would be their provision.

Generally the whole proposition becomes very exciting as we move closer and closer to making it a reality. We're going to need to investigate further what it means to be an official JUG from Sun's perspective, and whether we want that. We are also needing to gather other supporters from companies and organizations. I don't suppose that they all need to be local, but obviously, the local ones have both more direct influence over the JUG, and more to gain from the cooperation.

I see the primary draw of this effort in the ability to both learn from and teach the people around me. The more people that I know that have already developed skills in areas that I could potentially be using in my professional career, the better off I could be both in my current position, and in any other positions I may be in down the road.

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