Friday, April 06, 2007

Groovy on Grails

It's amazing how things can change when you're given new information and tipped off to things that get you excited. I'm quite excited about Groovy on Grails. This technology is just as exciting as Ruby on Rails, but has the advantage for me of being in more familiar territory. Groovy is a functional / dynamically typed language that compiles to the JVM. Groovy also happens to be very similar to Java syntactically. This makes the transition between Java and Groovy so much easier than say Java to Ruby.

Another big exciting part of groovy and grails is that you can create a WAR and deploy it to the existing server that you already have running. (Sure this isn't worth anything if you've never used Java / Tomcat / JBoss / whatever.. In that case, maybe you should be excited about Ruby on Rails instead). This is one of those things that maybe lets an enterprising employee effectively sneak groovy into development at first, then maybe something in groovy runs on the test server for a while... Next thing you know, you have something sitting in CVS that they need in production that just happens to be written in groovy.. Ooops, now you're running groovy on the production server, and the boss may not even know about it.

It's late, so hopefully I'll have more to say about this another time.

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