Sunday, October 28, 2007

How I learned about Ron Paul

I first heard about Ron Paul on a Free State Project yahoo mailing list. They were first talking about how Ron Paul had answered the question "What's the most pressing moral issue in the United States right now?". He responded "I think it is the acceptance just recently, that we now promote preemptive war...". Most of the other candidates pointed to abortion. These gentlemen on the list were excited about Ron Paul. They felt that he had rightly taken a stand on an issue that helped him stand out from the pack. This stand didn't particularly set well with me, and in fact, they had linked to sites that were filled with conspiracy theories and strange positions on all kinds of issues. Those links caused me to seriously question the sanity of anyone that would support Ron Paul.

The key to gaining interest in Ron Paul was deciding to watch the entirety of the September 5th Republican debate (not to say that any other debate would not be sufficient for this purpose). I entered the debate unsure of what candidate could be worthy of my vote in the primary, but having a history of disgust with politicians in general. My very first impression of Ron Paul was that he is not your ordinary politician. He doesn't seem to be unsure of his policies. He doesn't seem to test the wind before he speaks. He has a certainty to him that is extremely admirable. The next thing I noticed is that I agree with everything he says about domestic policy. When someone I agree with on nearly every position comes along, I want to look closer on the issues we disagree about. I will detail my thoughts on each of Ron Paul's positions in separate posts.

When I did go about learning more in depth what Ron Paul was really saying (mostly by listening to the man talk on You Tube), I was impressed and also persuaded.

There have been a great deal of thorough and fair interviews with Ron Paul.

My favorite interview:
Candidates@Google (over an hour)

A very good speech:
C-SPAN - Iowa Straw Poll Speech

For a very brief overview (admittedly somewhat emotional):
Ron Paul: A New Hope

And if you wonder whether he's a smooth talking flip flopping politician, check this out:
Ron Paul Interview 1988

Just go to youtube and search for Ron Paul. You'll find a wealth of information.

The bottom line is that you've got to stop letting other people tell you what to think. Don't even let Ron Paul tell you what to think. These issues are too important to take lightly. I think that if you do dive deeper, you'll also be very impressed with this man Ron Paul. I hope that you agree with him enough to vote for him.

Finally, please don't be afraid to vote FOR someone this time around. Don't vote against someone, or believe the media when it says that candidate X is the front runner and can win against the Democrats. Vote for the candidate that you want to be president!

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