Saturday, November 10, 2007

Purpose of Federal Government

The Constitution has a very well defined argument when it comes to how the federal government should be allowed to operate. The extent to which laws exist should be to ensure that the individual citizens retain their freedom to life, liberty, and property as is described in the Declaration of Independence.

It would seem that the protection of life would be a simple matter, but it has not proven to be so. The federal government has an obligation to protect the citizens right to live. This means that no individual or entity has the right to end a human life. There is precedent however that if an individual has been found guilty of ending the lives of others that it would be just for them to forfeit this right, even though there is disagreement on whether a court is capable of coming to that conclusion fairly. To my knowledge, there is no scientific evidence of a transition from being not human to becoming human after the event of conception. This leads me to stand firm in my position that the protection of life must extend to the unborn. Medical progress is being made every year that allows doctors to protect and keep babies alive earlier and earlier in the pregnancy. Government should also use extreme caution in the event that a person's desire to keep living is unknown, such as when they are injured in such a way that renders them incapable of communication. You still have the right to choose not to live as well, it's just that others can't make that choice for you.

Liberty is an arena that the United States has made the most waves about throughout history. The constitution effectively states that you as a citizen have the right to choose for yourself all the things that you will do with your life, whether they are good or bad, as long as you do not infringe upon other citizens' rights. This means that you have the right to live how you want, even if it damages you mentally, physically, morally, ethically, or even kills you. This is what makes America so different. We as citizens have to fight for not only our own rights, but for our neighbors' rights as well. If the rights of any group of people are taken away, even by the majority, it sets dangerous precedents that when the majority changes, you may be the next target of reduced liberty. Don't treat people as groups, all humans are created equally, and should be treated equally under the law.

Property was replaced with "the Pursuit of Happiness" in the Declaration. Property rights are very important as well. If we have obtained property through legal means, we also should have the legal rights to keep our property. No one, not even the government at any level has the right to acquire your property from you, without your consent. If taxes exist, they should give most of the control to the citizens on whether they participate in such taxes. The best way to accomplish this is through taxes upon goods and services. This gives citizens the right and opportunity to control when and where their taxes are collected, as well as gives many the opportunity to avoid taxes altogether if they chose to live in a self sufficient way. The government doesn't have the right to encourage certain behaviors by lower taxes, nor discourage other behaviors by excessive taxes. Obviously tobacco and alcohol fall into the excessive taxes category.

These ideas of freedom for all, even your enemies, and those that behave in ways that are reprehensible to you, are what this country was built upon.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

To Vince: An Invitation Accepted

I sent this email (and am including his response to me) this morning. Very exciting.

Edit -- He has confirmed a date and time: Wednesday, November 14th at 7 AM

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Any time starting next Monday. Wouldn't want to miss out due to a
scheduling conflict.

I would be very pleased to talk with you in studio (because it would be
the most comfortable talking face to face), or if you insist, I can call
in from my home line.

Since foreign policy is basically your and most people's hottest point
of contention, I will be prepared to speak most extensively about this.
I have a copy of Ron Paul's book "A Foreign Policy of Freedom", and
would hope you get a chance to peruse it. Ron Paul's positions are not
vague, nor are they hard to pinpoint. He's been speaking consistently
on this issue for the last 30 years.

Thank you for this opportunity,
Jeremy D. Young

Vince Jericho wrote:
> > Dates available and times?
> >
> > Best of ALL things,
> > Vincent David Jericho
> > Program Director/Talk Host Newstalk KSGF
> > America's Best Local Broadcast Company,
> > Journal Broadcast Group
> >
> > Phone: 417-447-1826
> > Fax: 417-865-9643
> >
> > Email:
> > Snail: 2330 Grand, Springfield, MO 65802
> >
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

To Vince: Ron Paul and Air-Time

This is the email that I sent to Vincent David Jericho of KSGF --

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Firstly, I want to apologize for sending you an email today without
knowing how much time you had given to the topic of Ron Paul this
morning. I was able to catch up with the podcast this evening.

However, having listened to all of the podcasts which included
discussion of Ron Paul, I can honestly say that I am very frustrated
with the misrepresentations of his very clearly stated policies from his

Firstly, you have without fail called him an isolationist. According to
the American Heritage Dictionary, the following is the definition of
isolationist: "A national policy of abstaining from political or
economic relations with other countries." I want to call two things to
your attention. Ron Paul advocates ending the policies of preemptive
war and the sanctions that provoke them, and he advocates trade and
diplomacy with all nations. None of Ron Paul's policies really even
hints at isolationism. defines interventionism as "the
policy or doctrine of intervening, esp. government interference in the
affairs of another state or in domestic economic affairs". Those very
succinctly summarize what he is against, thus he is a non interventionist.

Secondly, the caller that accused Ron Paul of claiming that the borders
being open, coupled with the lack of a successful terrorist attack were
reason to support keeping them open is unfair to put it nicely. Ron
Paul has a very clear stance on immigration. He believes that the
primary cause of illegal immigration is the welfare state in which we
basically encourage foreigners to come leech off the taxes of our
nation. He wants to bring home the border guards that have been
stationed in Iraq to guard their border. Our border and our nation
should be secured. Finally, he supports legal immigration.

Thirdly, the two separate callers that posed the unchallenged question
of whether George Soros was pumping money into Ron Paul's campaign is so
extremely frustrating, and frankly, it is irresponsible on your part not
to challenge such wild and unfounded claims. Ron Paul's campaign is
probably the most financially transparent in all of history. The
campaign puts out a live feed of the names and amounts of every on-line
donation within seconds of receiving them. The 4 million plus dollars
of donations came from over 37,000 donors with an average donation
around 100 per person.

Finally, Ron Paul has stated very clearly that he has absolutely no
plans to run as a Third Party candidate. While he has not committed to
backing a Republican candidate that opposes his platform (the one he's
had for the last 30 years), he also knows that he would not win as a
third party candidate, and doesn't plan to leave the Republican party.
He is still running as a Republican for re-election in his congressional
seat from Texas if he does not get the nomination.

As you said on the air, you have no interest in being convinced that Ron
Paul is the right candidate for the Republican nomination. I can
respect and understand that. However, there are many of your listeners
that have not been given a fair representation of Ron Paul, that may in
fact choose to back him. Your statements about the uncertainty of this
primary season are very accurate. Everything is up in the air, and the
truth of the matter is that Ron Paul's money totals are only going to
keep increasing. There is going to be a Boston Tea Party event to raise
even more money than Monday's total. Mark your calendar, December 16th.

I am now going to plead with you to have me on the air and grill me.
Challenge my knowledge of Ron Paul's positions, and in that vein,
challenge Ron Paul himself. I am not trying to imply that I officially
represent Ron Paul, but I am familiar with his positions and agree on
nearly 100% of them. There are positions that the majority of your
listeners will be very interested to hear about. I am also not afraid
of your questioning, because I feel Ron Paul's positions are coherent,
unified, and consistent. Ron Paul is a man with the integrity that we
need to restore this Republic to the people.

I am in no way trying to be combative. I have been emailing you
somewhat frequently over the last several months on several issues. Let
me also add that I am becoming more involved in the Republican
organization locally. Eric Burlison, Steve Helms, and Chris Donegan,
the active leadership of the Metro Republicans which hosted the Straw
Poll on the 1st have asked me to be on the board, and probably share in
the Vice Presidential role of the club. I have taken it upon myself, as
someone that is trying to support the Republican Party, as well as being
a dedicated Ron Paul supporter, to bring together this large group of
people that has been disenfranchised with politics in the past but has
gotten off the couch to fight hard for our rights with the mainstream
Republican Party.

Jeremy D. Young
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Yes, I am such a nerd that I use PGP signatures in my emails. Sorry!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Journalistic Hubris

Sometimes I wonder how people even keep their jobs when they are supposedly journalists reporting on events, but they act like this guy. Kevin Drum is his name, and I'd have to say he is exactly what's wrong with the Mainstream Media these days. Of course I'm frustrated first hand by his comments about Ron Paul, but he's also been extremely anti-conversational about other candidates as well.

This country needs MORE dialog, not less. People need to throw off the bonds that tie them down. Why do people accept this forced feeding from the TV? Do people really just accept whatever major networks say because they are.. major? CBS has consistently acted as though Ron Paul doesn't exist. Katie Couric when dumbfounded in her report about Ron Paul's money bomb yesterday acted like no-one should know who Ron Paul is, stating that he's showed up at zero percent in a recent poll, and even fewer should care. I mean how dare a Presidential Candidate that is not anointed by the media earn this much money from small donors? In another video they said that 5 candidates could win the nomination for the Republican party, listing Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee.

I must reiterate. Ron Paul has an exciting movement behind him. Do yourself a favor and see if you don't get excited after watching him speak. Try out his interview @Google. If you have an attention span that can't handle the 65 minute interview, try out these shorter videos. OK, if you have NO attention span whatsoever, would you at least watch a TV ad?

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Ron Paul Millions

I don't have as much to say about this as many other people do, but I think it's just absolutely amazing that Ron Paul's supporters organized an event that generated $4.34 million on a single day. This was not an event driven by the official campaign, but an idea concocted by volunteer supporters.

Official Campaign

Remember November 5th

See a graph of how it progressed.

If you're not excited about your Presidential Candidate, you should check out Ron Paul. This movement is exciting! Freedom is contagious.

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OTC Property Taxes

Well, I am going to vote against the OTC property taxes today. I gave a few reasons over on Jason's post on the matter. The bottom line is that I do not think a property tax is a fair or reasonable method for funding any educational endeavor. I also feel that any tax must be opposed by the citizens until the proposal convinces a sufficient number of people to pass. These obscure ballot measures really do allow a very tiny minority to impose taxes on the entire populace, and that seems inherently wrong. I would actually amend Missouri laws to require either a larger majority of ballots cast (say two thirds), or a real majority of registered voters to add to the tax burden, or to amend the State Constitution.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Metro Republicans: A Tie That Binds Us?

Over the last several months I have been encouraged by the leadership of the Metro Republicans club to serve as a member of their board. After prayerful deliberation with my family, I have chosen to accept this nomination. I hope to use this position as leverage to bring together people in the area in support of American ideals.

The first and largest opportunity is to encourage the energetic and enthusiastic supporters of Ron Paul to do as he has done, and work within the existing framework to affect change. I hope to use this position to bring people that have been disenfranchised over the years back into the fold and allow them to have a voice in the body politic here in Springfield, MO. This event, as a return for some, is also a new endeavor for myself as I have not been active politically before this election season.

I do have an amount of fear when it comes to this process though. I fear that people are not prepared or possibly even interested in working with each other. I fear that I will overestimate my own abilities, or set goals for myself that are too high. I want to set high goals though. I want to challenge the people around me to better things. I want to see more people inspired and excited to be a part of returning America back to it's Constitutional roots.

I've never been a person that lacked ideas, or lacked the desire to see things as they should be. Hopefully though, I can go out as an ambitious naive ambassador to all the various groups of Republicans in the area and sow seeds of peace and reconciliation.

When I survey the Republican landscape in the area, we have so many different clubs and organizations. We have far too many out of date websites that have a very difficult time acknowledging one another. The Metro Republicans rightfully prides itself in being willing to link to all the other clubs and organizations in the area. I want to extend that, and hopefully cause more and more cooperation through the various clubs.

In the end, don't we all want many of the same things?

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