Saturday, November 03, 2007

Metro Republicans: A Tie That Binds Us?

Over the last several months I have been encouraged by the leadership of the Metro Republicans club to serve as a member of their board. After prayerful deliberation with my family, I have chosen to accept this nomination. I hope to use this position as leverage to bring together people in the area in support of American ideals.

The first and largest opportunity is to encourage the energetic and enthusiastic supporters of Ron Paul to do as he has done, and work within the existing framework to affect change. I hope to use this position to bring people that have been disenfranchised over the years back into the fold and allow them to have a voice in the body politic here in Springfield, MO. This event, as a return for some, is also a new endeavor for myself as I have not been active politically before this election season.

I do have an amount of fear when it comes to this process though. I fear that people are not prepared or possibly even interested in working with each other. I fear that I will overestimate my own abilities, or set goals for myself that are too high. I want to set high goals though. I want to challenge the people around me to better things. I want to see more people inspired and excited to be a part of returning America back to it's Constitutional roots.

I've never been a person that lacked ideas, or lacked the desire to see things as they should be. Hopefully though, I can go out as an ambitious naive ambassador to all the various groups of Republicans in the area and sow seeds of peace and reconciliation.

When I survey the Republican landscape in the area, we have so many different clubs and organizations. We have far too many out of date websites that have a very difficult time acknowledging one another. The Metro Republicans rightfully prides itself in being willing to link to all the other clubs and organizations in the area. I want to extend that, and hopefully cause more and more cooperation through the various clubs.

In the end, don't we all want many of the same things?

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