Thursday, February 14, 2008

Citizen Vetting

I feel that the election process should be open to all people who care enough to devote the time and energy to be knowledgeable about the issues and the candidates. I am in no way suggesting as Fat Jack mentioned in my comments that someone should go through and try to exclude any group of people from the process. I feel that the level of effort required should be made higher, but not in such a way that there are arbitrary hoops to jump through. I feel that the Caucus process that everyone has so much difficulty understanding is actually a good process, and that since primaries are so often tacked on top of the actual caucuses that haven't been done away with, we should just remove the primaries and help everyone understand how the caucus works.
Honestly, as it is now, some people feel that getting to a polling location that's open 13 hours is a trial for them, and I'm glad that they don't vote. I think that if we actually went back to a process where everyone has to be in a room with their neighbors and discuss the candidates and their issues before deciding who they select as a representative, we would have a much higher likelihood of leaders with sound character being selected. Fewer people would feel that their duty as citizens is worth several hours of their time on one night every four years, and I feel that would be a very fair selection process as to who decides for themselves will participate.

I don't feel that setting the bar low for participation is the same as ensuring that everyone has the same opportunity to participate. It is not the same as poll taxes or other things that exclude poor people to raise standards of participation. For access issues, there could be laws that allow everyone that wishes to participate to get out of work without any penalties whatsoever, including the ability to slide their shift, or simply have paid time off.

Our freedom and our citizenship is worth dying for. We should reward people that are willing to put forth effort into this process with more say than those that do not have the desire to be involved.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Democracy vs Republic

Below is the comment that I left as a response to some other comments on Jason's blog. I felt that it was coherent enough to make sure anyone that reads my blatherings saw it as well.

You honestly believe that the mobs are better at determining our President? We have millions of people that pick a president based on how their hair looks and you’re fighting to make their votes count more? The founders of this nation warned us against the dangers of a Democracy. This nation is a Republic, and it should remain so.

In a Democracy the populace is led around by the nose by whomever can make the prettiest speeches and can promise them the tastiest bread. Charisma is no basis to select a leader of a country by!

If you happen to watch TV, ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a news report that compared substantive issue positions of even two candidates? It’s all “He said the other guy’s a liberal” and “He might have pissed off group x today”. Or it’s “She has an obnoxious laugh”.

Do you REALLY want what you’re saying you want? The outcome of this Presidential Primary is completely constructed by the TV. They’ve taken the group think mentality that is so pervasive in our nation and convinced people that they need to be voting for who will WIN, not who lines up with them on the issues. It’s all over every site and every graphic! They call it a horse race! What do you do in a Horse Race?? You bet on who will WIN. That’s not what voting is about! Voting is expressing what you believe to be true and correct in how this nation should enact its laws. It’s about the Issues, not about the candidates.

However, this is already lost in our nation. I have a few honest friends that say they will not vote because they don’t know about the issues, and I respect that far more than I respect the ignorant people that have to check each ballot to find out if they recognize the names on them before they pick between a Republican or a Democrat ballot (I mean certainly they’ve never heard of any of the Libertarians because no one EVER talks about them).

Don’t get me wrong, citizens must vote to elect their representatives. It wasn’t originally in the Constitution to allow citizens to vote for U.S. Senators or the President though. I think there was wisdom in that. People can’t know personally the character of someone running for the State Wide offices, or especially not of someone wanting to be President of the United States. It was originally designed so that people of exceptional character were selected by the people to make the best choice for them at the state level. They didn’t have any of this winner take all non-sense. Each person selected as an Elector weighed the choices heavily and made a selection based upon the issues.

Democracy is dangerous because the masses are so easily fooled. We live in a Republic, and we have been a great nation because of that fact. Just ask the vast majority of people ANY question about the government, and then decide whether they should be picking our President.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ron Paul Stigma

Of all the things that have happened during this Presidential Primary season, the worst is that everyone that supports Ron Paul has now been subjected to the stigma that we're all crazy. It happened today on Strannix's blog. I decided to infect his comments section with my opinion as well.

What exactly is it about the Constitution of the United States of America that makes people jump into wild accusations about the sanity of people who think we should actually have a Federal government that is limited by the law of this land? What is so marvelous about this concept of "mainstream"? It's like your mother always used to say... "If all your friends are jumping off a cliff, does that make it a good idea?" Just because everyone is doing something, or is in agreement on an issue doesn't make everyone RIGHT. There are a great number of measurable ways in which this Nation either is, or recently was the greatest Nation on this Earth. Freedom of the Citizens is always at the top of the list of why this is so.

The Federal Government has been systematically taking over our lives for the last one hundred years. In 1913, the Government declared that your income really belonged to them, and they determined what percentage of it you were allowed to keep. During the Great Depression, on April 5th, 1933, the President outlawed possession of Gold. The New Deal, Great Society, program after program that tells people that "It's OK, big powerful Federal Government knows how to take care of you, don't worry." The biggest problem with these programs is that the Government cannot raise taxes enough to even begin to pay for them. Current promised entitlements are underfunded by over 50 TRILLION dollars. Government is incompetent, or at least inefficient at best. We must rise up and refuse to have our lives run by the Government. The best part of the Constitution is that it's given us a peaceful way to make that happen. We don't have to try to form a new Revolutionary army and bleed to restore our freedoms, we can resist peacefully. Stand up today for your rights, join the Ron Paul Revolution. This is not crazy, it's every Citizens' Duty!

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Saturday, February 09, 2008


I've been infecting the comments sections of various local blogs lately.

We talked about Christian generosity over on Jason's site.

A touch about Ron Paul with the Libertarian Guy.

Tragedy and Mental Illness with Fat Jack.

Democracy vs Republic with Jason.

Educational Philosophies with Fat Jack.

In addition to my invasions of their blogs, I added a bunch more links to local bloggers and other things that I keep up with in my links section. I doubt that I'll be driving any traffic to their sites, but I feel it's only respectful to link over to them.

My wife's blog is frequently quite humorous, but maybe that's limited to friends and family in it's appeal.

Sometimes I think I probably have too many opinions, but I suppose I should blog about them and find out what everyone else thinks.

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