Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ron Paul Stigma

Of all the things that have happened during this Presidential Primary season, the worst is that everyone that supports Ron Paul has now been subjected to the stigma that we're all crazy. It happened today on Strannix's blog. I decided to infect his comments section with my opinion as well.

What exactly is it about the Constitution of the United States of America that makes people jump into wild accusations about the sanity of people who think we should actually have a Federal government that is limited by the law of this land? What is so marvelous about this concept of "mainstream"? It's like your mother always used to say... "If all your friends are jumping off a cliff, does that make it a good idea?" Just because everyone is doing something, or is in agreement on an issue doesn't make everyone RIGHT. There are a great number of measurable ways in which this Nation either is, or recently was the greatest Nation on this Earth. Freedom of the Citizens is always at the top of the list of why this is so.

The Federal Government has been systematically taking over our lives for the last one hundred years. In 1913, the Government declared that your income really belonged to them, and they determined what percentage of it you were allowed to keep. During the Great Depression, on April 5th, 1933, the President outlawed possession of Gold. The New Deal, Great Society, program after program that tells people that "It's OK, big powerful Federal Government knows how to take care of you, don't worry." The biggest problem with these programs is that the Government cannot raise taxes enough to even begin to pay for them. Current promised entitlements are underfunded by over 50 TRILLION dollars. Government is incompetent, or at least inefficient at best. We must rise up and refuse to have our lives run by the Government. The best part of the Constitution is that it's given us a peaceful way to make that happen. We don't have to try to form a new Revolutionary army and bleed to restore our freedoms, we can resist peacefully. Stand up today for your rights, join the Ron Paul Revolution. This is not crazy, it's every Citizens' Duty!

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