Sunday, March 09, 2008

Marriage and the Government

I've been responding to various people's posts in regards to homosexuality, Judaism, Marriage, and more over the last few days and felt that I could consolidate my thoughts on the matters here.

The common thread among all of these discussions is the Government assuming powers and roles that it cannot fulfill in a free society. The Government doesn't have the right to define sin, to set any particular group above other groups, or to define what parents should teach their children. The Government has the responsibility of retaining the life, liberty, and property of individuals against enemies foreign and domestic.

There are far too many actions that qualify as sin to try to pick any particular one and crusade against it. Trying to identify all the ways in which a person could sin and creating laws to govern these things is exactly where Israel was when Christ came to this earth. I'll try not to preach here, but the basic resolution is that Christ is the atonement for sin, and that the law is now a testament for any that claim that they do not need Christ's work to get into heaven. Government cannot redeem mankind through law.

Unfortunately, Marriage and licenses allowing it, are very complicated matters. It is my opinion that Marriage should not be defined by the state, and all the various laws should be migrated over time to be represented by contracts between individuals. I appreciate Larry over at Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind responding to my comments with a post on this topic. Government cannot protect the institution of marriage against immoral uses. Government has institutionalized discrimination in the United States history, and is not innocent here either.

Finally, there is a need to strengthen both the rights and responsibilities of parents. The correct way to do this is not to more accurately define what makes good parents or what makes bad parents, but to restore liberty in a parent's job. Parents should define what their children learn, and be free to facilitate their education in whatever location they see aligning with their world view. Conversely, parents should have their responsibilities over their children strengthened. I could probably go on about this far too long, but in short, we should investigate:
Who is responsible when a woman gets pregnant?
Who is responsible when a teenager causes damage to someone's life, liberty, or property?

In summary, government should be fought so that we can regain our liberties. Governments do not offer solutions to moral problems.

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