Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been frustrated lately by all of the hoopla about rewarding the companies that have systematically made bad decisions and either purchased or initiated bad loans to people for homes. Now that the Housing Bubble (which was generally just a transfer of the Telecomm bubble of the late 90's) is bursting, people are running around screaming "DO SOMETHING". Today alone I've written my congresspeople 3 times.

Firstly, I chastised our Representative (copying our Senators of course) for his vote on the failed bailout.

Please cut federal spending.

Representative Blunt's vote for the bailout today is unacceptable. Voting for the authorization of the deliberate transfer of power to unelected central bankers is unacceptable. If you had been paying attention, we've been writing, calling, and faxing you our views on the matter. It has been clear that Representative Blunt no longer deserves the title, and I encourage Mr. Blunt and our Missouri Senators to vote against any future versions of this monstrosity. Next election (2008, 2010, 2012), we may have to be anti-incumbent if you don't do anything to actually restore this nation.

Next, I wanted to provide them some feedback about what a real solution to our money problems would be.

Please co-sponsor HR 2756, "Honest Money Act," and HR 4683, the "Free Competition in Currency Act." News today tells us that the Federal Reserve doesn't care about laws, or regulation, or anyone other than itself. Today the Federal Reserve is increasing the rate at which it is destroying our currency. By injecting BILLIONS of new money into virtual circulation, the Federal Reserve is stealing wealth from every single person in the world that currently has an account with US Dollars deposited. The creation of new money is inflation. It's not just tending towards inflation, it is intentional and deliberate inflation. By inflating in this manner, only the people that receive this new money (loans) are able to capitalize on the increase in wealth. Give us REAL money! Give us the FREEDOM that was intended in the Constitution. We deserve to have a currency that retains its value! End The Federal Reserve.

Finally, I wanted to make it really quite clear how I feel about the Federal Reserve and the corporations that have been working these deals with our country's supposed leaders.

Please reduce regulation.

We don't need more regulation on our books to prosecute those that commit fraud against the public. I want more aggressive legal action against companies (including the Federal Reserve) that publish documents that mislead the public as to the health of the United States Economy, or of their company's health. I am tired of hearing the Federal Reserve in effect telling us to "TRUST THEM" when it comes to our economy. Every number that the Federal Reserve uses to do its job needs to be made public. Every meeting that the Federal Reserve holds must be made public. If they are to continue to be involved in the control and manipulation of the money supply, everything they do must be before the eyes of the public. If they will not make this information public, then the Federal Reserve must have it's exclusive privilege (controlling the U.S. Dollar) revoked! The people are not willing to sit and be told to stay quiet any longer. We want a government run by the People, not the money masters.

I'm not certain I could say much more about it at this point, but I am constantly surprised at how problematic the United States' relationship with the Federal Reserve is, and how little the general public knows about that relationship.

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