Monday, November 24, 2008

Naomi Wolf on Lew Rockwell's Podcast

I listened to this podcast, and came to respect Naomi Wolf a great deal throughout it. Lew Rockwell asks some of the questions in this interview, but Naomi Wolf asks some questions back, and the interchange is quite educational.

I may have to pick up her new book Give Me Liberty and give it a look.

The most interesting thing about Naomi Wolf, and the reason I am surprised to be suggesting that people listen to her is because she comes from the left side of the political spectrum. There are stances which she takes that I disagree with, but I don't think those stances are part of the substance of this book. What this book, and Naomi Wolf's work in general, symbolizes is a coming together of liberty minded individuals, whether they started on the left, the right, or nowhere, to fight for our freedoms.

If you don't think we need to fight for our freedoms, check out her presentation below:

When people first told me about this video, I was skeptical. I mean Naomi Wolf has written for the Huffington Post, she's known to be a liberal. I thought she was just a Bush basher. This is not a left vs right issue. It's a freedom issue, it's a liberty issue. This is something that every single person in America needs to evaluate and ponder deeply. If you are coming at this post as a person firmly on the right, you voted for McCain, you voted for Bush twice, and you would vote for Bush again, I still think there are things in this video you should look seriously at. Don't look at it as leftist propoganda, because you will miss an opportunity to truly be critical of our way of life and to discover just how many freedoms we've given up, especially since 9/11.

If you can't stomach the message from a liberal, check out Judge Andrew Napolitano, and any of his recent books. The Judge appears on Fox News in his Judicial Review segments, co-hosts a radio program called Brian and the Judge, and generally speaks strongly in support of Liberty.

Wake up. We MUST fight for our freedoms before it is too late. Everyone will lose if we let this nation become a police state.

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Blogger tom said...

For this very reason people should stop tying labels onto people until they know enough about them to form an education opinion based in factual information.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Jeremy D. Young said...

Well, I mostly included the journey that I went on to encourage more to step out of the factional wars and evaluate where we are as a people. This country needs work, and normal citizens are the only ones available to do it. We just have to wake up and take action.

10:05 PM  

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