Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Controversial Dispatch

The Downsizer Dispatch warned us that they were going to take on controversial topics, and today they dropped the bomb. I have found myself to agree with the Downsize DC mission in every one of their campaigns that I've read. Todays is no exception. Today, January 21st, the Dispatch tackles the War on Drugs. Anyone that has had the misfortune of listening to me rant in person has probably heard me say something to the effect of "I agree with the Libertarian Party on a great many issues, but they cannot find political success by leading with weed." I still think this to be true, I don't think politicians that are making weed smoking one of their top issues will succeed. However, at the same time, the Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to make it a crime for people to put substances into their own bodies. Furthermore, as I've stated below, the War on Drugs is not a net benefit to society. It creates more crime and drains more from our economy than a situation where these substances were legally obtainable would. Read what I wrote to our Congresspeople, and please, weigh in with your thoughts.

The civil war currently raging in Mexico, and much of the international terrorist threat, is fueled by the obscene, black-market profits made possible by drug prohibition. Please defund the Mexican drug lords and the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan by ending drug prohibition.

Alcohol is something that a growing number of people have a problem with. Some people abuse it. Many people use it and receive health benefits from it (wine for instance). There are people in our country's history that have convinced the Federal Government to step in and rid our great nation of the vice that is alcohol. Prohibition was a crime and corruption disaster in our nation. We solved those criminal problems not by perpetual escalation of arms and punishment for the use of alcohol, but by making it legal again.

The Federal Government does not have the right to define for all people what a safe use for substances such as Marijuana can be. I am personally against the use of consciousness altering substances, and I take no part in their production or consumption. However, I do believe strongly that people should have the right to make their own decisions about what substances to put into their own bodies. The ending of prohibition on more substances will act to dramatically reduce crime by reducing the cost of these substances. Fewer people will have to steal to feed their addictions, addictions which cannot be treated by jail time. Sales of these substances will be legal, so that turf wars will not have to be fought out by drug dealing gangs and other organized crime.

In particular, we would see other industrial benefits by the legalization of Hemp, which is of course associated with Marijuana. Hemp is a very easy to grow fiber that could be used to fuel innovation in many of our domestic industries.

The bottom line is that I'm pleading with you to consider this controversial subject and work to end the Federal Prohibition on Drugs. The War on Drugs has had many casualties, but none of them were the usage of drugs, only the people that died in gun fights and those that were incarcerated for potentially harming themselves.

Mr. Jeremy Young

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