Saturday, January 03, 2009

Spurts of Nonsense

Well, over the last month things have been happening, but I haven't considered most of them blog worthy. Then again, maybe I set my standards too high. I think I'll try and lower my standards and just put more splatter on here and worry less about it being intellectual. :)

At work, the Information Systems Department has taken one for the team. We're in the process of moving away from the Secondary "campus" that O'Reilly Corporate maintains, to a new location that used to be a large Tennis facility. My team is quite lucky in that we got a large space and the ability and freedom to arrange it however we liked. The rest of the IS Department wasn't so lucky. I and the members of my team feel a little sorry for the rest of the department and are concerned that this may put downward pressure on some people's desire to keep this job. The good news is that O'Reilly is still a growing company, and the Automotive Aftermarket industry performs fairly steadily through recession, due to a general increase in the repair of vehicles instead of replacement. Above all else, this makes it a good company to be a part of in these economic times.

In politics, I'm slowly recovering from the disappointment of November, and am renewing my involvement in organizations such as the Springfield Metro Republicans, the Campaign For Liberty, the Young Conservatives, the Republican Liberty Caucus, and Downsize DC.

This week I've been visiting my wife's family in Texas. I'll probably talk more about that in another post.

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