Saturday, February 07, 2009

Catching up on the Reader

I haven't taken the time to read the things that I find interesting over the past several weeks. Here are some examples of what I wanted to catch up on (oldest to newest):

Education is an Experiment

In Memoriam: Marshall Fritz

Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Bailout Flip-Flop

How to Become a Genius

Public School Not Good Enough for President’s Kids

Two Reflections on Education

Dan Mitchell on Tax Havens

Killing Robot Being Tested by Lockheed Martin

1930's Inflation Propaganda*

The Path Toward Independence, Autonomy and Freedom for Christian Schools in America

Guantanamo under Obama*

Essay vs. Multiple Choice Thinking

James Bamford Interview on the NSA*

The Yummy Donut of Status Quo Bias

A False Sense of Security

Hayek on Meet the Press

Who is Ron Paul?

When Voting Machine Audit Logs Don't Help

Risk Mismanagement on Wall Street

Ron Paul on "Morning Joe," 1/27/09

Obama's So-Called Stimulus

OK, well that only got me part of the way through January 27... I'm going to take a break and do other things. Happy reading / watching.

*-- Information I don't necessarily fully agree with

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