Saturday, February 07, 2009

Contacting Washington D.C.

Well, not only did my google reader suffer from lack of attention, my Downsizer Dispatches languished in my inbox as well. Today I'm playing catch up there as well. There were 13 dispatches since the last time I contacted my congresspeople, several were about the stimulus, so I sent this nonsense:

Please cut federal spending.

To stimulate the economy, reduce the size of the Federal Budget. Allow the private sector to invest those released funds in the most productive way possible. The nation doesn't want the pork. We want you to start admitting that you cannot run the United States' economy, and start repealing laws, shrinking budgets, and cutting taxes. By all means don't pass this massive mistake that some are calling a stimulus bill.

Mr. Jeremy Young

A couple more were about OSTA:

Please introduce's "One Subject at a Time Act" (OSTA). You can find the text of the legislation here:

If you think that there is merit in portions of the "Stimulus" bill, it should be reasonable that each particular action could be presented for its own up or down vote. This would create the transparency, honesty, and accountability that so many have lauded over the last year or so. The One Subject at a Time Act (OSTA) is a piece of legislation that is needed so very badly, especially today. It is shameful that so many of you in Washington feel that slamming dozens of unrelated laws into one bill still qualifies as doing your job honestly. The OSTA would require all portions of a bill be related to the Title and Summary of that bill. I will not vote for any politician to go to Washington D.C. without supporting OSTA.

Step up and show all of us in Missouri that you are dedicated to transparency, honesty, and accountability when serving We The People. Co-sponsor OSTA today.

Mr. Jeremy Young

The same two focused on RTBA:

Congress needs to start reading the laws it passes. Please introduce's "Read the Bills Act." I know you have the power to introduce this legislation on your own, without waiting for anyone else. I urge you to do so. This is a much-needed, common sense reform. I can see no justification for not introducing it. I'm telling my friends about it, and I look forward to hearing that you've introduced it. You can find the text of the legislation here:

Stop voting for bills that you haven't read. Just like the One Subject at a Time Act, I cannot support any politician that will not commit to supporting the Read The Bills Act (RTBA). We The People are demanding accountability and responsibility of our Representatives and Senators. We demand that Congress make available the final text of all bills for at least SEVEN days before they can be voted upon. Tyranny is the only result when Congress rushes legislation through without reading it or even allowing the public to see the full text. We cannot accept the politics of fear that have seen new heights from 9/11 and the Financial Crisis. Both of these scenarios have been manipulated and capitalized upon by the corrupt leaders in Washington D.C. to expand the Federal Government faster than our nation has ever witnessed.

I demand that you do your job and Read The Bills that you claim to be capable of voting for or against. Multiple hundreds of pages of legislation cannot be analyzed and processed by any human being in several hours, much less several days. Co-sponsor the RTBA today.

Mr. Jeremy Young

Finally, I wrote about NAIS as well:

Please do everything in your power to stop the Department of Agriculture from implementing or promoting the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

NAIS will not make our food supply safer. The costs of the mandates that NAIS places upon production will drive small yet honest farmers and ranchers out of business.

In an ideal world, we should disband the Department of Agriculture altogether. Today, I am asking you to work to prevent NAIS from being enforced upon our hard working small and family farmers.

Mr. Jeremy Young

Even though I send unique messages each time, our two Senators and Representative do not feel the need to even send me a form letter reply. I'm not feeling very well represented. It's not like I voted for Blunt though. Bond isn't running, as everyone knows, and McCaskill is an Obama cheerleader, therefore quite out of my voting radar. I suppose it makes sense for them to respond to the people that they actually represent and not me. I don't guess I expect anything more of them, since they're just part of the corrupt Washington machine. I would love for just one of them to prove me wrong though.

I won't be holding my breath.

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