Friday, April 17, 2009

Internal Checkpoints

I am posting this video with some trepidation. I have researched this pastor, and I do not agree with his preaching style, nor with several points of his Theology. I do not think that his position as a pastor has anything to do with the contents of this video. He appears to have simply stood firm in his 4th Amendment rights and he paid the price for his stand. Once again, I am not posting this video as support for his pulpit, but I do stand in support of his rights as a Citizen of these United States. Even if he were my enemy, I would stand in support of his freedom.

Here's how it works when you have a camera and are prepared to resist their unlawful demands. (This second video is by a completely different person. I have no knowledge whether they know anything about each other)

This is not propaganda, these are citizens of the United States asserting their Constitutional Rights. It is time for all men and women of this nation to rise up and assert our rights. I do not advocate violence under any circumstance. It is our duty to resist men and women that would take away our freedom. It is time for Civil Disobedience.

These check points were not set up on major highways coming across the border. These check points harass the Citizens of the United States in their lawful conduct of their lives. It is unconstitutional to place a border patrol check point across a highway that does not intersect with the border. The dissenting justices in the US v Martinez-Fuerte case demand that check points on interior highways that do cross the border are unconstitutional, but unfortunately they were outnumbered.

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