Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Actually Did Vote for the $87 Billion, Before I voted Against It

Maybe President Obama could say: "I opposed the unlawful detainment before I devised a new system for it"

I tend to avoid bashing the President in general because there's plenty of people doing it, but this clip isn't from a Bush cheerleader. Rachel Maddow has been accused of being about as liberal as they come. How bad is it when liberal news casters can't find a way to support your policies?

In case you don't like watching video clips, or can't where you are:

President Obama gives a speech standing in front of the original copy of the Constitution of the United States of America, and proceeds to bash the Bush administration's policies of detainment and refusal to allow prisoners due process. All the while, he trumpets phrases such as "an abiding confidence in the rule of law", or "to ensure that they are in line with the rule of law", yet unveils a new plan to "have a thorough process of periodic review so that any prolonged detention is carefully evaluated and justified".

Holey Roof Batman! We can have our cake and EAT IT TOO! The cowboy administration of the past formed an "ad-hoc legal system" that was an abomination to the rule of law, but President Obama is going to make sure that the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches work TOGETHER to eliminate personal liberty. Change?! Not one bit.

I am sick to death of Democrats fawning over how pleasant this President is to listen to and "we finally have a literate man in the White House", and the Republicans are falling all over themselves claiming that this man is an all new downfall of our nation.

The Federal government doesn't care about you or your rights. They are collecting power as fast as they can, and they're using partisan hatred to achieve it.

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