Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Media Dominance

The media is defeating us. By spreading lies and painting the political scene as divided and irreconcilable, they've defeated the American people. For my purposes here I'm not even talking about my desires to return our nation to a Constitutionally limited Federal Government. I'm talking about the ability to govern ourselves, to see our neighbors as neighbors instead of enemies in the trenches of warfare.

Maybe people should wake up and realize that Religion and Politics aren't the last subjects we should be talking about, they're the first. They're the most important topics to discuss. We need to learn again how to disagree with people without hatred. To take opposite positions of an argument without vilification of our fellow citizens.

I blame education. I expect my children to grow up confident in their beliefs, willing to discuss them calmly with anyone, and to care for the needy, no matter what they disagree with them about. The Government schools claim that they teach tolerance and diversity, but they do not. They claim that they teach acceptance and unity, but they do not. Today's schools gloss over the truth. They refuse to debate the issues that matter most. They are dismissive, claiming that when two people make statements that can't possibly BOTH be true, that those are just their opinions, and that we're all entitled to them. We can all be equally right in our own minds.

The Government schools are only working to create pupils that will accept knowledge as it is given to them. All of the subjects are separated out, these receptacles of "facts" are not encouraged to discover how all of creation relates to each other, how all disciplines rely upon the same foundational truths. They are not taught to challenge every assertion in their own minds, or to plow through things that they don't understand to experience the insight of discovering some truth on their own.

Now they are encouraged to rely upon their fellow students as well as the authoritative knowledge givers. If they're not sure about something, they should find out what the group thinks and agree with them.

I think we need a return to the Trivium. We need to reevaluate the educational processes that brought us so many revolutionary ideas through the years. We need to equip children with the tools of learning, instead of providing them their daily fish.

People whose intellect I respect are being led to draw conclusions that just don't fit with reality. I know I'm picking on this person quite readily, but I know he can handle it. I'm not as interested in winning the fight to convince him, but to try to ring some bells and wake everyone up to how much the media is crafting the boundaries of this conversation. Just consider the current headlines about the political situation similar to this kind of headline "Could your toaster kill you? Find out at 6!". Sensationalism to the extreme!

Educated people would cause this kind of insanity to die. If people weren't just consumers of information, instead of critical thinkers, the media would be forced to change it's tone. People would just turn the nonsense off. Unfortunately, the information consumers turn into ripe targets for advertising, and as the politicians are quick to remind us, the economy is driven by consumption. If we stopped consuming like sheep and cows, our economy would fall apart. I'll save the economy for another post.

If you're a Christian, please review the Call to Dunkirk:

If you don't agree with abandoning the "public" schools for Biblical reasons, please consider the Alliance for the Separation of School and State. Their site has a wealth of different perspectives in support of taking our children out of the Government schools.

Please tell me what you think. Without intellectual retorts, I cannot refine my thoughts and purge from them the falsehoods. I do not claim to have everything figured out.

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Blogger Jack said...

Not only can I take it, but I welcome it. You already knew that. I agree that the media sensationalizes things. But the media is merely one place that I gather my information. Just because they sensationalize everything, does not mean that everything they put out is false. That would also be a mistake in judgement.

I have had conversations with real people who have gone nuclear regarding health care, and used the Nazi talk. Real people. I've spoken to them directly.

The point I am trying to make is not "everyone who disagrees with Obama is crazy". The point I am trying to make is not "look how crazy the right is". The point I am trying to make is not "hide in the sand and pretend not to be angry."

My point is that those in the crazy movement (and it is a movement) need to take a deep breath and use more rational, logical thought so that we can govern ourselves. That is a good message to have and I intend to continue that message.

I've made this point in several posts.

Your point seems to be that these folks are so small in number that they are insignificant. I would argue that it is the media that has inspired this group and helped to increase its numbers not over-inflate them.

But ...

The size of the Obama-is-a-Nazi-Antichrist movement is essentially incidental. It is significant enough to affect the general public.

Therefore, I think we should be more rational and actually read/think rather than just hate. I think you agree with that.

Basically, I think our disagreement comes with how big or pervasive this lunacy is. In the end, it is a perspective issue to only be clear in the future.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Jeremy D. Young said...

Yes, it is fair to summarize our differences in that way.

I wish there was a good way to actually determine numbers.

Maybe we could post a Facebook poll.. That would be scientific wouldn't it?!

11:23 PM  

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