Sunday, March 20, 2011

Political Discourse

I'm fairly disappointed, though many would be surprised by this. I have just removed my "subscription" in my RSS reader from one of the local blogs here in Springfield, MO. I have no intention of providing links to this blog, even though I have relatively zero traffic flowing to or out of my blog.

My disappointment lies at it's roots a strange expectation that education minded bloggers, whom I clearly disagree with, could still remain open to the discussion of important topics. Unfortunately, the content of this particular blog has no purpose other than to mock the people that the blogger disagrees with politically. It is not being used to make anyone more aware of the real issues, or to facilitate conversations that could answer questions that people have.

This blogger of course has every right to use his Internet platform to achieve whatever ends he deems desirable. However, I have reached the point where I believe it to be completely pointless to even waste my time reading what he publishes.

His readers seem to have quite a bit in common with the anonymous trolls that frequent the Springfield News-Leader comments section. Overall, they produce nonsense that is a waste of time to read.

If anyone can point me to the blog(s) of liberals, democrats, socialists, moderates, whatever label you may apply, that actually participate in discourse over the salient political topics of the day, I would be glad to invest my time in reading them, and potentially participating.

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