Thursday, July 28, 2011

Invitation for Obama to "go Unilateral"

I for one think that the Republicans trying to tempt President Obama into showing that he has zero respect for the Constitution and the Rule of Law is a good idea. I'd like to see the House Republicans refuse to pass anything, President Obama try to make an executive signing statement, and then we impeach him. It would just make him the third President in a row that deserves impeachment.

Executive power has grown to extremely dangerous levels, and drastic measures need to be taken to reassert the Constitutional limits.

As many who have knowledge of the situation have stated, the August 2 "deadline" isn't really a deadline. It's when the Federal Government must stop sending out 100% of the payments it plans to send out. It doesn't flip over to 0% at that point. It flips over to not being able to send out checks that exceed income. Since the wonderful IRS milks money from everyone in the country every paycheck, the Federal Government will have plenty flowing in to continue to make payments on plenty of programs.

Maybe they'll stop being able to afford some of the un-Constitutional ones and things will be better. The choice on which ones to stop paying for does rely upon the President. Therefore, if Senior Citizens stop getting Social Security checks it will be completely the Executive Branch's mismanagement that causes it.

I'm sure most conservatives could go down a list of all the different Departments of x y and z that they'd like to see not get any money.

The bottom line is that the powers in Washington are playing the game of fear, and we have to be bold and courageous enough to call their bluffs and force our Congressman to vote against every debt increase.

I urge you to support Capping the Debt.

Thanks for having me on air this morning, even if it was brief with three people waiting.

Don't fear the "Drop Dead Date". No one will die, except the un-Constitutional spending.

(This is a reproduction of an email I sent this morning to Nick Reed with KSGF, the local radio talk show host)

Edit: The title refers to 15:15 into the President's address to La Raza.

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