Thursday, December 20, 2012


I wrote my Representative and Senators today to vote NO on the NDAA.
Repeal the detainee provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (Sections 1021 & 1022).

It has come to my attention that the conference committee led by Senator McCain has stripped the Feinstein-Lee amendment supported by Rand Paul in the Senate, and passed in the Senate.

Because there is doubt about the ability of the military to exclude people on OUR SOIL from the rights to due process, you must vote NO today on the NDAA.

The NDAA, coupled with the AUMF have created the ability for the President, or the Military to arbitrarily decide that someone is a threat, and kidnap them.

This is the United States of America! No level of Government should ever behave in this manner. I am outraged that anyone would ever demand that "other people" give up these most basic rights in the name of National Security. If you're not careful, some future President may just take it upon themselves to declare members of the Senate that oppose the regime to be "enemies of the state" and kidnap you.

Vote NO on passage of the NDAA until it has solid, clear protections against military kidnapping, indefinite detainment, and any other attack on the rights of an individual to due process, no matter what the accusation is, or who it is made by. All human beings on our soil are afforded the right to due process. We are not Soviet Russia, or Communist China, we are the FREE and Prosperous United States of America, and we do NOT lock people up solely on the word of someone in power.

I will be watching how you vote on this. This is a litmus test. A YES vote on this measure today will prevent me from supporting you in any endeavor, no matter what measures you may take to explain your vote, or attempt to make up for it in the future. You MUST vote NO today.

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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saturday's Congressional Pressure

I've been thinking that Billy Long, Roy Blunt, and Claire McCaskill don't hear from us enough, so I wrote them again today.  5 times.

The first was three in one, RTBA, OSTA, and WTLA
Please sponsor the following bills . . .

* The Read the Bills Act (S. 3360)
* The One Subject at a Time Act (H.R. 3806 & S. 3359)
* The Write the Laws Act (S. 3361)

You've been hearing from me frequently lately. That's because I haven't seen any change in the way that you in Washington DC are doing business.

The pressure is on, and I want you to follow the concepts of these three proposed bills, RTBA, OSTA, WTLA.

When it's time to make a deal about the budget, I don't want any new laws unrelated to the budget. I want Congress to Write the Budget. I want Congress to READ the Budget, and I want you to pass a budget that has significant cuts, and no new laws.

Follow Rand Paul's lead, trade loophole closing for tax rate reductions. Trade Foreign Military Occupation cuts for Domestic cuts. Fix Social Security and Medicare because they're broken, not as part of some deal. Raise the Social Security eligibility age on people that haven't retired yet. Make it click up a year every 4 years for the next 20.

Follow Justin Amash's lead. Start rejecting bills if they don't follow these three principles, and tell everyone WHY you voted no! It's OK to vote no on bills that are done badly. A bill that gets rejected can always come back later after it's been fixed. Vote no when you're in doubt about what your constituents will think about a YES vote.

The bottom line is that you need to be more responsive to the people. Stop sending out laws that people cannot follow. Repeal more laws, especially the laws that create Federal Bureaucracies with the ability to write regulations that have the force of law. Introduce, Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, and PASS the RTBA, OSTA, and WTLA.
Next, I fired off a message about the Enumerated Powers Act
Please bring John Shadegg's 'Enumerated Powers Act' (HR 450) to a vote as soon as possible, and please do all you can to support the passage of this bill.

I want a new EPA. Not the Environmental Protection Agency, the Enumerated Powers Act! I want you and all of your colleagues to have to site where in the Constitution the Federal Government is granted the authority to enact the law that you are putting before Congress.

For far too long, the Congress has acted with complete contempt toward the Constitution which each of you swore an oath to uphold and defend! I'm tired of this kind of behavior, and according to polling, so are 80+% of the American public! Your approval ratings have been stuck in the abysmal category for year after year.

Pass the new EPA, eliminate the old EPA, and start regarding the Constitution in every bill proposed. I'm watching.
Up in the third slot, I asked them to tie their pay to the budget
I urge you to re-introduce The Fiscal Responsibility Act (formerly HR 4336, in the 111th Congress) to fight deficit spending.

If you are serious about cutting Federal spending, I want you to put your own money where your mouth is. I want you to take a pay cut toward eliminating the deficit if you vote for an unbalanced budget that passes. I know it won't do anything to balance the budget, but if you can't keep the Federal Budget in order, you don't deserve the American Public's money for doing a bad job.

Maybe this kind of a bill would be symbolic and raise your approval rating above 20%.
Next, I wrote again about the Dollar
Please co-sponsor the "Free Competition in Currency Act" (HR 1098).

Your complicity in the Federal Bailouts, Quantitative Easing ad infinitum, and the reckless Federal Budget have brought not only the United States, but the world to the brink of financial ruin. The Dollar is weak and weakening. The Federal Reserve is dragging it down actively and has been for over a decade.

Allow the American People to conduct business and trade in whatever currency they see fit. Make Gold and Silver legal tender again, and repeal the laws that enable the IRS to confiscate money from currency exchanges. The people of these United States deserve to hold whatever currency they see fit.

While you're at it, eliminate the Dual Mandate of the Federal Reserve, and cause them to only focus on Price Stability. Make the Dollar strong again, and people will come flooding back to it as a safe haven. If it weakens, people will be free to flee to another currency.

We deserve this freedom. Eliminate the monopoly on currency by the Federal Reserve, a private banking cartel that we cannot control.
Finally, I decided to write about the Budget and Debt
Do NOT raise the debt ceiling ever again.

I do not consent with you spending money you do not have. Dramatic cuts to the spending by Federal Government will renew the economy by providing the real economy, the private sector, with over a TRILLION dollars of new capital to invest in our recovery and growth.

Pretending to cut ONE TRILLION over TEN YEARS is not cutting spending. I want you to cut ONE TRILLION from the budget in ONE YEAR. Cut everywhere, cut deep. You should even cut taxes. You should be able to balance the budget in two years.

I withdraw my consent from Deficit Spending. Stop now.
All five of these subjects are part of the core agenda of Downsize DC. If you like anything I wrote here, you would probably enjoy reading the more eloquent appeals provided by Downsize DC.

Thanks for Reading!

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Pressure on Congress

I shared my thoughts with Representative Billy Long, Senator Roy Blunt, and Senator Claire McCaskill in response to Thursday's Downsizer Dispatch:
Do NOT raise the debt ceiling ever again.

Don't raise taxes either. Tax increases are used to increase spending. They're NOT used to balance the budget or reduce the national debt.

* When Reagan agreed to tax increases in 1986 the national debt continued to rise.
* When the elder Bush agreed to tax increases in 1991 the same thing happened.

Don't try to scam us. We know the truth. Tax increases AREN'T used to balance the budget or reduce the national debt!

Instead, maintain the debt ceiling and you can balance the budget right now.
After that, I wrote 4 more times:
Rand Paul has introduced the "Read the Bills Act" (S. 3360) in the Senate. Please co-sponsor this bill.

I want you and every member of Congress to sign an affidavit for every bill, that affirms they have read and agree to every portion of that bill if they vote yes.

You can start in the spirit of this concept, even before the Read the Bills Act is passed. If you haven't been given the time to read the full text of a bill PERSONALLY, not just your staff reading it for you, then you should vote no. I won't try to claim you hate this or that because you voted no on a bill you didn't get to read.

Do your job. Only vote yes on bills you have personally read, and become a co-sponsor of RTBA as soon as possible!
I would notice and appreciate your co-sponsorship of the "One Subject at a Time Act" (OSTA), HR 3806 & S. 3359.

I'm tired of bad laws being attached to spending bills, or unpopular laws being attached to "must pass" legislation. Just stop. If a law cannot stand or fall on its own merits then it shouldn't be a law.

I want you to vote NO on every single bill that comes to the floor and contains legislation that is unrelated to the Title and Summary of the bill. This means you will have to READ THE BILL before you can vote YES, but it also means it's an easy decision to just start voting NO more often.

I promise that I'll begin to respect you and your colleagues far more if you just vote no on all bills that have multiple subjects.

Follow Justin Amash's lead. He publishes his reasoning behind every single vote on Facebook. Start voting no, and tell the world that you won't vote YES on bills until they're separated out into properly Titled and Summarized bills.

Do you wonder why Congress has sub 20 approval ratings? It's because you lie cheat and steal to rip the American Public off!

One Subject at a Time! You don't have to wait for it to be passed, just start telling the people that you won't vote YES for a bill that is cluttered with unrelated laws. Start offering amendments that remove unrelated laws from these bills. You might not win friends in Washington DC, but, hey, everyone hates those guys.
Rand Paul has introduced the "Write the Laws Act" (S. 3361) in the Senate. Please co-sponsor this bill.

Here's a news flash: There are too many laws and regulations in the United States. I think it's because you and everyone else in Washington DC have delegated far too much authority to The Agency of This, and the Foundation of That. Stop giving open ended authority to Executive Branch departments to write rules, regulations, and allowing them to come with guns to enforce them.

We hired you to write the laws of this nation. We don't want you handing off that responsibility. Start repealing laws, removing departments, and allowing the people to breathe in the air of Freedom once more.

It is impossible for someone to feed, clothe, and shelter their family without breaking the voluminous laws that have been created. The situation is so bad that nearly any Federal Department can arbitrarily decide that they don't like what someone is saying or doing and find a rule or law that they've violated.

Roll it back. Repeal laws. Only allow new laws that have been written by the members of the House of Representatives. Even the Senate shouldn't be writing the laws.

Write the Laws
Free Competition in Currency
Please co-sponsor the "Free Competition in Currency Act" (HR 1098).

1913 was a bad year. We created the Federal Reserve, we passed the 16th Amendment allowing the Federal Government to tax us directly, and we removed one of the checks and balances to Federal Power by allowing the direct popular election of US Senators.

I'm only actually wanting to focus on one of those right now, the Federal Reserve. I want you to free the American People to conduct business in whatever currency they deem fit. I want you to break the monopoly control that the Federal Reserve has over the US economy by controlling the Dollar.

By allowing Americans to do business in the best currency they can get their hands on, it would require the Federal Reserve to improve the strength of the Dollar to prevent flight from it. A stronger Dollar would improve the position of the United States everywhere in the world. All People in the US would be allowed to hold the currency that they thought best suited their financial aims.

Can you really argue against freedom? Are you going to try to tell me that we don't deserve that freedom? Are you going to tell me that we can't handle that freedom?

The reality is that this freedom decentralizes the power over money. This is a very large win for the public, and a very big hit to you and Washington DC's power over us. So of course I want you to pass this bill.

I know you won't. You don't answer to your constituents. You're in Washington DC.

Won't you join me in pressuring Congress to be more accountable, and make Freedom legal again?

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